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I am peeved by arrogance.

I should be more accurate. I’m completely turned off by arrogance, and I cannot tolerate arrogant people.

Some arrogant people are blatant about it. They display their arrogance like a badge, and it shows in their words and actions and, sometimes, even in the way they walk. I almost prefer that kind of arrogance because then I know to simply avoid that person.

Other arrogant people are way more subtle. The arrogance comes out as condescension . . . or frustration (when you don’t understand something as quickly as they think you should) . . . or in snide comments (when you say something that they think is dumb).

That kind of arrogance I also find intolerable, but that kind also has a sting. It comes out in relation to some deficiency you have shown. You end up feeling an inch high because you didn’t measure up to their almighty standard of performance.

Another kind of arrogance I cannot tolerate is racial or class arrogance. That is, when one person thinks they’re better than another person because they are of a certain ethnic origin or privileged class. I tell you, that isn’t just a pet peeve of mine. That’s something I get really upset about.

The racial arrogance is small-minded and provincial.

The class arrogance is material and superficial.  This is a great article on recognizing the traits of arrogance.

And in the words of Forest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

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