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Road Rage

I am peeved by idiot drivers. Some crazy shit goes on out there. Just look at this.

I’m especially peeved by drivers who tailgate. Especially especially if they’re tailgating me. What it totally makes me want to do is just slow w-a-a-a-a-y down and really piss them off.
I know this is not the recommended strategy. Yes, I should just signal that I’m moving over, and then I should calmly switch lanes so that they can blitz past.
I guess it pisses me off because they are being just plain rude. As well as dangerous. But it’s the rudeness that bugs me the most. For Pete’s sake, if you want to get in front of me so badly, move into the other freaking lane yourself and pass me, already.
What REALLY bugs me is when truck drivers tailgate me. What MORONS! There they are with their multi-ton moving vehicles coming up right behind me and riding my ass! Crap! Don’t they know how freaking dangerous that is?
So yeah, they want me to move over, but they don’t have to do it like that. Try backing off and just flashing your lights, buddy. That would still be irritating, but at least it wouldn’t be dangerous.

Here’s some stats.
The other thing that bugs me is drivers who swoop into a space in front of me coming up to a stop light. Really? How is that helpful? It’s going to gain you an additional half-second when you take off again?  How is it worth that? How is it worth me stomping on my brakes to avoid rear-ending you because you’ve inserted yourself suddenly into that tiny space? Oh my gosh, that pisses me off.
Then there’s the classic: people who dart into a parking space that I’ve been waiting for. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often to me. But when it does, I see red. It’s so incredibly inconsiderate and selfish. It’s like, hey, I’m going to grab this space in my awesome shiny wheels because I’m way cooler than you are and I don’t give a crap that you were waiting there ahead of me. Aaaaaaah!  Good thing I don’t have a gun!
Ok, I’m done with my peeves about idiot drivers.

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